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Areas Where Volunteers are needed for the Annual SWBS Event

Fundraising – Assist with obtaining Financial and In-Kind donations throughout the year.

Logistics – Area where the most need exists during ‘Event Week’ (essentially Thursday thru Saturday). Primarily involves: the preparation & physical movement and setup of equipment & gear at the Event location; logistical support during the actual event as the need emerges; teardown and cleanup Saturday afternoon as well as returning SWBS items to the storage facility (beginning at 4:30 p.m.); and assisting with the control of Vendor & Exhibitor setup & teardown on Event day.

Social – Assist with: setup, serving, teardown & cleanup of the Friday night Appreciation Reception & the Taste of Cape Fear Food Tent on Event day.

Education – There are a variety of support needs here that range from Event day setup, teardown, & cleanup, to assisting with demonstrations & talks, Children activities, etc.

In-Water Event – 1-2 people to assist existing staff on Thursday moving boats to the marina and returning them on Sunday, assist Exhibitor boats docking on Friday in their assigned slips & departing Sunday, distributing welcome packages to Exhibitor, and other support as needed.

Other – Staffing of Information Booths, Ships Store, providing relief for all positions, running supplies when called for, providing entry control/exit from the designated Event Disabled Parking area, and supporting the Volunteer Coordinator as needed.

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