Registrations are invited from individuals and businesses, commercial or non-commercial, wishing to participate as a vendor in the SWBS. Your ‘wares’ must be related to the event’s nautical/maritime theme. If possible, vendors will be recognized in the official program and in selected articles about the Southport Wooden Boat Show. Preference will be given to registrations received by the 2nd Monday in October. We want to ensure that there is a broad array of offerings. A waiting list will be maintained to fill unanticipated vacancies.

Space allotments will be 12’x12’ in size and will accommodate a 10’x10’ tent/canopy/display. Vendor placement will depend on the mix of offerings. Vendors will be situated on streets, so coverings and displays need to be self-supporting and weighted for windage, as staking into the ground is not an option. The vendor fee is $35 for a single space or $55 for 2 spaces side-by-side.

For additional vendor information, contact us at:

PLEASE NOTE: Your business, commercial or non-commercial display must be maritime/nautical related.