Before registering as a Vendor, please consider the following important information:

Registrations are invited from individuals and businesses, commercial or non-commercial, wishing to participate in the vendor section of the SWBS. Your ‘wares’ must be related to the event’s nautical/maritime theme. If possible vendors will be recognized in the official program and also in selected articles about the Southport Wooden Boat Show. A waiting list will be maintained to fill unanticipated vacancies. Space allotments will be 12’x12’ in size and will accommodate a 10’x10’ tent/canopy/display. Vendor placement will depend on the mix of offerings. Vendors will be situated on streets, so coverings and displays need to be self-supporting and tents weighted down for windage. Staking them into the ground is not an option due to the hard surface. Vendor fee is $35 for a single space or $55 for 2 spaces side-by-side.

For additional vendor information, contact us at:

PLEASE NOTE: Your business, commercial or non-commercial display must be maritime/nautical related.