Welcome To The 2020

Southport Virtual Wooden Boat Show

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History of Southport & The Boat Show

The Beginnings of the Southport Wooden Boat Show

Learn about the beginnings of the Wooden Boat Show in Southport, North Carolina.

Robert Potter – A Southport Waterman

Learn about Robert Potter.

Southport’s Maritime Heritage & the Wooden Boat Show

“There Wasn’t Nothing Else To Do”

Chat with Charles Joyner about his life time work as a Menhaden fisherman and learn first-hand the importance of this industry to Southport.

Wooden Boat Exhibitors

John Robert Grosskopf

John Robert Grosskopf featuring his hand built 18ft guide model canoe.

Dean Dosher

Dean Dosher shares his dream come true of building a round stern, “sound style” wooden boat using traditional materials and methods.

Ken Hewett

Ken Hewett shares an interior tour of Folly Girl, his wooden boat, built by Ken and Don Dosher using traditional materials and methods.

Joe & Beverly Peacos

Joe and Beverly Peacos share their story of restoring a 1959 15’ Lyman “Runabout” and a 1958 Evinrude “Big Twin 35” outboard.

Joe & Beverly Peacos

Joe & Beverly share the before and after photos of their recently completed 1924 E.M. White canvas-covered 12′ rowboat transformation/restoration project.

John & Tammy Tinney

Join the tour of Duchess, a 1930 50’ Elko flat top deckhouse cruiser owned by John and Tammy Tinney. She appeared in the 1930 New York Boat Show and underwent a $1.5-million complete restoration at Moore’s Marine in Beaufort in 2015.

Craft Time

Craft Time Introduction

Grab your supplies and tune in for a quick craft with Miss Katy of NC Maritime Museum at Southport. All you need is wooden popsicle sticks, liquid glue, paper, decorating items (Miss Katy picked markers). Alternate options are small sticks from outside, hot glue gun, stickers, crayons, or paint! Through this series learn about a sailed raft and canoe.

Vessel 1: Raft

Lay out 10 popsicle sticks flat on the surface and add 2 popsicle sticks perpendicular and glue down. This will need to dry so move on the make a canoe or take a brain break until the glue dries!

Vessel 2: Canoe

Create a diamond out of the popsicle sticks and secure them with 2 perpendicular sticks and glue down. Layer the remaining popsicle sticks to create the sides of this boat!

Power: Sail

With one remaining popsicle add a paper sail to the raft or pretend your canoe has oars!

Wrap Up

Hang out with the crew of the NC Maritime Museum at Southport Tuesday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. or on all social media platforms! We would love to see your creations so send us pictures

Educational Exhibitors

NC Aquarium Touching Pool

Visit the traveling exhibit of the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher and enjoy seeing, touching and learning about creatures that live in our ocean.

The Art of Knot Tying

Examples of the art of knot tying with master artist, Don Van Hoy, as he shares examples of his creative work using traditional marlinspike tools.

Model Boat Builder

Visit Robert Tuttle in his workshop where he shares his passion for building beautiful and detailed models of traditional North Carolina boats.

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